Implant Dentistry of the Northshore Testimonials

Dentist Testimonials

Dental Testimonial by Barbara Gratiano

My sparkling smile is the result of the wonderful care I have received over many years from the team at Dr. Rothenberg in Marblehead. I believe I have had every possible dental procedure at his expert hands including seven implants. Don is not only skillful, but sensitive and caring. I place all my trust in him.

Barbara Gratiano
Peabody, Massachusetts

Testimonials from Dr. Rothenberg’s Patients

Both my husband and I have been patients of Dr. Rothenberg for more than 35 years. We’ve often had major restorative work, including many root canals, crowns, and implants. His work has always been of the highest quality.

Geri Guralnick
Marblehead, Massachusetts

My experience as a dental patient with Dr. Rothenberg over the last several years has been excellent. His experience with advanced dental procedures such as implants provides me with a sense of confidence in his ability to handle whatever curve-balls my mouth throws at him.

George Allen
Swampscott, Massachusetts

Dr. Rothenberg has been my dentist for many years. His attention to painless dentistry, precision work and his consistent follow up phone calls to insure my comfort and satisfaction keep me gratefully returning.

Phyllis Lubar
Sudbury, Massachusettes

I am writing this on behalf of Dr. Don Rothenberg. About a year ago, our dentist of over forty years retired, and we were transitioned into the new practice. At this time, my wife and I were told by the new dentist that we both needed deep cleaning and Periodontic treatments. I faired better than my wife. She ended up with very bad stained front teeth which numerous cleanings could not help. At this point, we lost all confidence in the new dentist and switched dentists. The new dentist’s office could not help with the staining and suggested crowns. After 40 years of trusted dental care, we now were left with a lot of uncertainty about what had happened and what we should do now! Not knowing what to do, I though that I would send Dr. Rothenberg an email expressing my concerns. He was more that willing to assist me! He provided insight into the problems, explained what had happened, and gave invaluable suggestions as to what type of crowns should be used. My wife now has her smile back. Thanks again to Don for all his help.

Jim Plasic
Bressler, Pennsylvania

I have entrusted Dr. Rothenberg with my dental health for more than thirty years. His conservative, well thought through approach to each situation, combined with his vast knowledge, skill sets and genuine caring, is the reason that I have and still do use him as my dental health provider. I have had several implants, and each procedure was carefully explained collaboratively, so that I felt really comfortable with decisions that we made together for my well being.

Ed Lubar
Sudbury, Massachusettes

I’m all smiles since Dr. Rothenberg did my implants! They make a big difference in my attitude and appearance!

Suzanne Niemeyer
Marblehead, Massachusetts